PERSPECTIVE MADE EASY - Download 4 of 7 - 2-Point Perspective

2-Point PerspectiveMaster artist RA Byrnes introduces you to the basic concepts of perspective, showing how various techniques can create an impression of depth and space. Moving from the simple to the complex, he'll guide you with progressive free-hand and ruled drawings each step of the way. Lots of examples demonstrate and reinforce each lesson.

2-Point Perspective (9:54)

2-Point perspective is also called angular perspective because the objects drawn are at an angle to the picture plane. That's why RA starts the drawing with a series of vertical lines spread over the page. The verticals represent the angle. Next the horizon line crosses the center of the page and two Vanishing Points are drawn at either end. This is a conventional format. One by one, lines showing depth are drawn to the vanishing points. Those on the left go to the left vanishing point. Those on the right go to the right. Throughout, pointers, do's and dont's, as well as hints and cautions are explained. A second drawing of a building is done to demonstrate how to work when the vanishing points are not in the picture.

About This Download

This download is for the 2-Point Perspective section only (part 4 of 7) which runs for 9:54 min and is 96.9 MB. Lesson Downloads come as .M4V files that you can watch at your leisure on your computer or iPod. You can find the other 6 sections of this series at their respective pages (see below) or we can ship you the full Perspective Made Easy program on DVD for you to play in any computer or DVD player!

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